Đăng ký

A closer look 2

Activity 1

1. Should

2. Shouldn’t

3. Should

4. Shouldn’t


Activity 2

1. V

2. X

3. V

4. X

5. V

6. V

7. X

8. V


Activity 3


Children should plant trees

Children should go to with friends

Children should make a wish

Children should help with housework



Children shouldn’t eat lots of sweats

Children shouldn’t break somethings

Children shouldn’t fight


Activity 4

1. Some, some

2. Any

3. Any

4. Any, some


Activity 5

There are some eggs (in the fridge)

There is some fruit juice/ there are some packs of fruit juice

There aren’t any apple

There isn’t any bread

There are some bananas

There is some chese.